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Proper wastewater treatment requires thousands of decisions every day. With advanced instrumentation, controls and automation for wastewater systems, complicated procedures can be managed in a single control panel, allowing for a smaller, smarter workforce within your facility. As technologies and components become less of a limitation in the development of advanced controls, manufacturers can now realize greater levels of mechanization and efficiency throughout the water treatment processes.

Detective Work

Autopilot for
Wastewater Systems

In today’s competitive environment, everyone is asked to do more with less. Waste water treatment is no different. By automating your wastewater treatment system, DMP can help reduce the number of people needed to monitor and run your system, while simultaneously reducing errors and lowering the risk of falling out of compliance.

DMP uses the latest sensor and control technologies, allowing a greater level of mechanization and efficiency throughout the water treatment process. Advantages include:

  • Reduced risks by eliminating human error
  • More consistent results
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced downtime and onsite service costs

Your wastewater system will never be a profit center for your business, but it doesn’t have to cost you as much as it currently does. The inclusion of advanced automation and controls with systems can significantly reduce operational costs.

Take Control

Take Control

DMP’s team of experienced electricians and programmers build best-in-class control panels right in our manufacturing facility. They work in close collaboration with our design team to ensure the system runs as designed upon installation. By building our automation platforms in house, DMP is able to provide unparalleled remote support to your operators by the people who designed and programmed it. Some features of our E5 Controller and advanced E10 Controller include:

  • Ability to capture data for better decision-making
  • Industry standard controllers by Siemens and Allen-Bradley
  • Ability to build UL - approved panels
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Real-time alerts by text or email
connectivity Without Complexity

TECHLink: Connectivity
Without Complexity

TECHLink™, DMP’s remote access technology, allows operators and managers to monitor their systems without the need to be on site. This technology also allows DMP technicians to remotley access your system to diagnose and repair most problems within minutes, reducing downtime and costly site visits.

Adding modern controls systems to your wastewater treatment system brings with it a variety of remote service and support capabilities.