St. Paul, Minnesota


POTW notification prompts popular sealant manufacturer to look into their Wastewater Treatment

H.B. Fuller is a multi-plant corporation based in St. Paul, Minnesota, that produces emulsions used in paint- and glue-based products. Wastewater from producing glue and sealants can contain complex chemicals and total suspended solids (TSS) that can present significant disposal obstacles, including:

  • Clogged water lines that can be expensive and time-consuming to fix
  • Expensive surcharges from the publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) due to strained resources and inability to treat the facility’s effluent

One of H.B. Fuller’s customers, who had faced similar wastewater treatment issues as the Roseville, CA plant, recommended that the company reach out to DMP Corporation.


The manufacturer struggled with a poorly designed pretreatment solution

When the local POTW officials informed the company’s Roseville, California plant that it would need to begin treating its wastewater onsite for TSS, H.B. Fuller looked for a solution provider to help.

The plant needed more than a generic solution. The manufacturer initially designed its own custom-made treatment system. However, H.B. Fuller soon realized their solution did not remove BOD and TSS from their wastewater properly. It was a failed investment in a poorly designed pretreatment solution. They needed a partner that could create a solution specifically for their needs and help them eliminate their expensive surcharges.


DMP worked with the facility’s experts to create a specific wastewater treatment plan

Although DMP had effectively designed and installed a system that eliminated one of H.B. Fuller’s customer’s wastewater and compliance issues, the sealant manufacturer was still skeptical of DMP’s ability to provide a solution for their facility. To alleviate the manufacturer’s concerns, DMP’s engineers worked closely with H.B. Fuller’s experts to learn everything they could about the:

  • Facility
  • Operations
  • Requirements
  • Chemistry

DMP worked with H.B. Fuller’s in-house knowledge while providing its own industry experience to develop a customized proposal tailored specifically to the Roseville, CA facility.

Based on treatability studies and analysis, DMP noticed the following:

Wastewater Treatability Study Results

Parameter Surcharge Limit Range Typical Value
BOD 200 mg/l 1,000-3,000 mg/l 2,000 mg/l
TSS 1,000 mg/l 10,000-80,000 mg/l 30,000 mg/l

DMP installed a batch treatment system for a flow rate of 20,000 GPD. With this system, the customer also received a customized chemical regiment.

DMP positioned itself as more than just a consultant. The wastewater solutions provider went beyond installing the system – its engineers continued working with H.B. Fuller after installing the system because H.B. Fuller understood ongoing support would be necessary.


Industrial adhesives and sealant manufacturer meets wastewater compliance limits to eliminate surcharges

By drawing upon similar wastewater projects, working closely with the client, and understanding the rigors of the industry, DMP Corporation formed a successful partnership with H.B. Fuller, allowing the sealant manufacturer to meet mandated regulatory limits while eliminating compliance fees. The DMP batch treatment system reduced TSS by 99% and BOD by 95%.

The industrial adhesives and sealant manufacturer’s plant:

  • Achieved 100% compliance with local POTW wastewater limits
  • Eliminated costly surcharges
  • Can easily scale for future growth