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DMP Water Recycling System Improves New Factory’s Output

Manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to access plentiful, reliable and clean water sources.  Lack of reliable high-quality water can limit production and threaten profitability.

A Georgia manufacturer recently faced this unfortunate reality.  When city water supply began to limit its production, the plant turned to DMP Corporation for an efficient water reuse system.  The goal was to recover enough process water to maintain current manufacturing levels, with a stretch goal of increasing production.

The client, an international parts manufacturer for the heavy equipment industry, had recently acquired factory space to accommodate its business growth.  It quickly realized that the facility’s existing permit for 1,500 gallons per day was inadequate, providing only a fraction of the 30,000 gallons of rinse water then required for daily manufacturing operations.

DMP evaluated the client’s challenges through extensive consultation and its own industry expertise, and found the manufacturer to be an excellent candidate for low-risk, effective water reuse.  The DMP team discovered that the best solution included installing a state-of-the-art batch recycling system, which yields high-quality effluent as it diverts more concentrated waste streams for separate treatment.  The resulting configuration, including DMP’s advanced automated control systems, is highly efficient with low operating costs.  The system’s modular nature also provides future growth potential without extensive changes or substantial capital costs.

As a result, the client is now able to recover 99.8 percent of its water while using only half of the permitted 1,500 gallons per day.  The manufacturer can now focus on making high-quality products and growing its business without the fear of wastewater and recycling constraints.

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