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No Need to Face Water Treatment Problems Alone

Categories: Adhesives & Sealants

H.B. Fuller is a multi-plant corporation based in St. Paul, Minnesota that produces emulsions used in paint- and glue-based product manufacturing.  This type of wastewater can contain complex chemicals and troublesome total suspended solids (TSS).

Local publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) officials notified H.B. Fuller’s Roseville, California plant that it would need to begin treating its wastewater for TSS.  The manufacturer initially elected to design its own custom-made treatment system, correctly believing its plant was too unique for a generic solution.  However, H.B. Fuller soon realized it didn’t have the necessary expertise to design a custom solution.

The manufacturer ultimately reached out to DMP Corporation, which had previously designed a plant for one of H.B. Fuller’s customers, as a possible partner in wastewater treatment.  That facility faced the same issues as the Roseville plant and DMP’s new system handled the problems with ease.  H.B. Fuller was initially skeptical of DMP’s ability to provide a solution, believing it did not possess the necessary insight without first thoroughly understanding the plant.  But DMP’s engineers worked with H.B. Fuller’s experts to learn everything they could about the facility, operations, requirements and chemistry before developing a proposal.  In this manner, DMP leaned on H.B. Fuller’s in-house knowledge while providing its own industry experience.

DMP soon positioned itself as more than just a consultant.  The wastewater solutions provider went beyond installing the system – its engineers continued working with H.B. Fuller after system commissioning because they understood that changing inputs, organizational growth and increased regulatory oversight require support.

By drawing upon similar situations, working closely with the client, and understanding the rigors of the industry, DMP Corporation formed a successful partnership with H.B. Fuller, allowing the emulsions manufacturer to meet regulatory limits.