DMP Press Manager

DMP integrates multiple technologies to treat the wastewater challenges faced by manufacturers. Our engineers are constantly finding ways to improve efficiency through the power of automation. Industrial wastewater treatment results in an undesirable by-product—sludge. It’s critical to remove as much water from this sludge as possible, since more water equals greater disposal fees. The way facilities choose to handle this process directly impacts operating expenses. The DMP Press Manager helps reduce human error and ensures optimal performance.

DMP Press Manager Improves Efficiency by Filling the Filter Press in the Shortest Possible Time

The DMP Press Manager helps reduce human error and ensures optimal performance. Dewatering with a filter press is a better option. This method:

  • Targets higher solids
  • Yields less water in the waste and lower haul-off costs
  • Offers lower operational costs
  • Supports automatic stage fill sections

Eco-friendly filter press dewatering delivers great value to facilities

After serving companies for 45 years, the experts at DMP built this filter press manager to react to the variable characteristics of the precipitate and fill the press in the shortest possible time.

This technology integrates feed pressure, feed flow rate, and feed volume. Feed pressure is continuously adjusted to maintain the maximum feed volume. The press fills uniformly and dewatering is maximized by preventing premature plate surface blinding that causes soft cakes.

The result is the ability to consistently produce the highest filter cake solids possible in the shortest time.

The DMP Press Manager includes monitoring features to assist your plant operator and DMP customer service department in diagnosing problems

Here is a list of issues detected by this program:

  • Dirty filter cloths
  • Plugged filter press feed lines
  • Hasty or poor settings
  • Channeling or rat hole

All functions of the press manager reside in the control center.  DMP’s Electronic Service Call Option (TECH Link) allows a DMP Service Center expert to analyze the press and sludge condition if necessary to help the operator. The DMP Press Manager is the best way to lower expenses by optimizing wastewater sludge reduction and management. To learn more, contact a DMP professional today.