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Water Testing

Potassium Iodide / Starch Paper Test

This is just an initial step to cyanide destruction. If cyanide destruction needs to be a part of your treatment plan, contact us today. 

Hex Chrome Testing

Here’s a video showing how to test water for hex chrome (Cr+6) water using a water analysis kit. If you need to purchase a water analysis kit, contact us today

Basic Jar Testing

Learn the basics of testing a water sample with this video. For more assistance, contact us today.

Wastewater Equipment Operating Videos

Adjusting DMP Pump Counters

This video is a step-by-step guide to adjusting a pump counter (or prox switch).

pH / ORP Calibration

This video is a step-by-step guide to calibrating pH or ORP probes using DMP’s E10 controller. If you need helpful tips on how to maintain pH probes on your DMP system, this video is for you. You can also follow this same process on DMP’s E3 and E5 controllers.

Operating a Filter Press

Need help with operating a filter press? This video shows how to use a filter press and also highlights some good maintenance tips.

Chemicals Capabilities

DMP Corporation - Wastewater Treatment Chemical Capabilities

What makes DMP a fully integrated wastewater treatment solution provider? The fact that we also merged with Industrial Specialty Chemicals, Inc. to provide chemicals and perform treatability studies to ensure the right design for our wastewater treatment systems. Design & install, chemicals, service, and the Performance Guarantee Program – this is how DMP takes the worry out of wastewater. Our South Holland (Chicago area) location is where the magic happens with our chemicals and most of our treatability studies. Our chemicals, made in our Chicago-area facility, are ISO 9001 certified.

Videos from Our Blog / Vlog

A Few Industries We Serve

This video is featured on our blog to show how we take the worry out of wastewater for a few industries. Here are a few industries we serve.

DMP Helps Manufacturers Overcome Water Challenges

Water challenges affect everyone. Just check out the 2017 report from the American Water Works Association (AWWA) – an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society. Whether its water shortages, low-quality water for industrial processes, or meeting code standards – DMP can help in many ways as it relates to wastewater. Our sole purpose is to help industrial manufacturers with their wastewater challenges. We can help with water shortages (recycle & reuse), low-quality water (treating incoming water), and much more. 


ISC - A DMP Corp Company - Serving the Rail Industry Since 1984

Did you know that Industrial Specialty Chemicals, Inc. (ISC) has been supplying rail companies locomotive engine corrosion & scale inhibitors, industrial cleaners and degreasers, locomotive sanitation solutions, and more since the 1980’s? Now that they have merged with DMP Corporation, we’re in a position to serve all wastewater needs for the rail industry. Visit for more information about ISC – A DMP Corporation Company.

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