Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

In the production of commercial or military aircraft, jet engines or specialized parts used in defense manufacturing, exacting tolerances and strict specifications are commonplace. Wastewater treatment for aerospace manufacture is no different – rinse water used in the production of aluminum, titanium and other composites produces high levels of hazardous wastes and must be precisely treated. With decades of experience in the industry and with expertise in automation and controls often used in aerospace wastewater treatment, DMP is particularly well-suited to provide the right solutions the first time.

Applications in Aerospace & Defense

  • Aircraft & Airframe Manufacturing
  • Titanium & Aluminum Construction
  • Armed Services
  • Ball Bearings
  • Electric Motors
  • Landing Gear Refurbishing
  • Aircraft Engine Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Parts/Components
  • Die Casting
  • Wiring/Cables
  • Paint Stripping – Aircraft
  • Satellite Construction

Solving Unique
Water Problems

Treating wastewater and purifying process water for aerospace manufacturing, though similar to treatments utilized in conventional metal plating, is full of unique challenges because of the need for highly pure water. As a result, the adoption of reuse and recycle systems using ion exchange technologies are a particularly good fit for this industry. Our extensive expertise in water recycling and our knowledge of worldwide regulatory limitations, makes DMP a great choice for aerospace manufacturing.

Aerospace components manufacturers, especially defense contractors, use cyanide cadmium plated components for high-wear, high-tolerance parts. The process causes toxic waste that must be carefully treated. The waste streams also contain concentrated suspended solids, making sludge management and disposal costly. Finally, water usage for metal plating, composite molding and electronics manufacture is very high, often prompting the need for in-plant recycling solutions.

As water treatment experts, DMP has immense knowledge and experience in various technologies and applications relating to:

  • Heavy metals removal, chemical precipitation
  • Cyanide and cyanide cadmium removal
  • Hydrocarbons separation from wastewater
  • Specialty chemicals & technologies
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Advanced automation & controls for wastewater treatment

We have expertise in aerospace subsectors such as engine manufacture, airframe construction, die casting, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, and more.