Corrugated Box & Packaging

Whether a facility manufactures boxboard in house or merely prints on boxes produced elsewhere, it will most likely yield wastewater containing ink and adhesives. Both of these contaminants contain high amounts of solids in liquid form that can turn into sludge. Additionally, inks and adhesives may be made up of distinct components like copper and zinc that will react differently depending on the treatment methods used. DMP has a broad range of comprehensive solutions for wastewater treatment for corrugated box, printing and packaging manufacture that help maintain both compliance and cost reduction.

Applications in Box & Packaging

  • Bag Printing or Manufacture
  • Box Printing or Manufacture
  • Other Packaging
  • Magazine Printing
  • Wallpaper
  • Currency
  • Sheet Board
  • Paperboard

Water Treatment Solutions For Printing & Packaging

Because the wastewater in industries such as box manufacturing and packaging printing is associated with a high level of solids, starches and glues, DMP almost always recommends batch treatments over continuous flow systems. With enough treatment, wastewater from these facilities can be made suitable for reuse, though it tends to yield relatively small amounts.

While there are no federal limits specific to the corrugated box and flexographic printing industries, there are enforceable local regulations that DMP not only understands, but stays ahead of, allowing our clients more efficiencies and higher profits. DMP has worked with corrugated box and flexographic printing organizations since 1987 and has the experience, technology, chemicals and expertise necessary to deliver a successful solution. By working closely with our clients in these industries we are confident we can reach any wastewater treatment goal.