Electronics & Semi Conductor

A great deal of water, primarily utilized as a rinsing agent, is consumed in the manufacture of microelectronics and semiconductors. The water used in the process must be extremely pure, or the quality of product can suffer. Additionally, with the shear volume of effluent discharge, manufacturers require robust and consistent wastewater treatment systems. DMP possesses the technology and experience necessary to tackle and solve these and other issues of this expanding industry.

Applications in Electronics Manufacture

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Printed Circuitboard Manufacturing
  • Photovoltaic Systems
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Silicon Wafer Production
  • Batteries
  • Compact Disks

Water Solutions for A Booming Industry

The microelectronics industry is booming like never before. As a result, industrial water consumption is at an all-time high and getting higher. In many places, expansion of production is restricted due to a limited supply of water. Furthermore, the increasing cost of water, together with fines and surcharges for excessive consumption or discharge, drives the need for practical and efficient on-site reuse and recycle systems that can significantly reduce overall water consumption for these kinds of operations.

Perfect Fit for Ultrafiltration and Recycling-Reuse Applications

With the stringent water requirements of the electronics and semi conductor industry, implementation of water filtration systems are often needed to clean incoming water or reclaim and filter previously-used process water. With a large stable of innovative technologies and over forty years of expertise in reuse system design, DMP will deliver a turnkey solution including all the necessary components and chemical treatments, to implement an onsite wastewater recycling program that will help conserve water and increase profitability.