Our Approach

We understand water treatment isn’t your business. We know industrial wastewater treatment solutions can be difficult and complicated at times. But, we also know that in-depth understanding of the issues and goals makes the process less scary. At DMP, our goal is to take the worry out of wastewater for our clients. To accomplish that goal, we approach the situation – your water issue – with a commitment to providing comprehensive, enduring solutions that give you immediate value and long-lasting impact.

Detective Work

Detective Work

To truly get to the root of your water problems, we are going to dig deep to uncover even the smallest of factors. We’re going to incorporate those factors into the big picture - including equipment configuration to tailored chemical applications - so we can design and deliver the most effective, cost-efficient long-term solution for you.

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Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Treating water isn’t always just about treating water – there are long-term goals to consider. We are going to present a comprehensive solution that meshes with those goals, and make sure the plan reflects a “lifetime” approach.

Strategy Development

Investment Protection

What good is a lifetime strategy, if the investment doesn’t last – or worse – doesn’t work? We stand behind our solutions to ensure continual peace of mind, compliance and ease of operation for decades. It’s our guarantee that your system will perform as specified for as long as you are partnered with DMP.

DMP's Coronavirus COVID19 Statement to Customers

The state of Illinois recently issued a shelter in place order for all workers and businesses considered non-essential by The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (“CISA”), an agency in the Department of Homeland Security.

According to the memorandum, DMP & ISC – A DMP Corp Company – is considered a critical manufacturing company due to our supplying mission-critical chemicals required for the operation of the rail and wastewater industries. As a result, our primary chemical manufacturing facility in Illinois will continue to operate.

We will continue to receive and fill orders through this difficult time to support our customers and will keep you posted on any new information that may affect your business. Read more here.