Maintaining compliance is an important and difficult responsibility. At DMP, we understand the impact your wastewater treatment plan has on your business and we want to ensure your new system will not only perform and last for years to come, but will be as worry-free as possible.

The DMP Performance Guarantee Program is a Five Year program intended to keep your system operating within the prescribed specifications, and that it will meet the regulatory limits outlined in DMP’s quotation.

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The Benefits

  • TechLink Remote Connection Support Included
  • Enhanced Email Response Times Included
  • Enhanced Phone Response Times Included
  • Rapid On-Site Support
  • Chemical Inventory Management Included
  • Lab Support if Needed


  • 10% Discount on Already Competitive Parts
  • Special Rates for On-site Service Calls
  • 1st Visit Billed as Expenses Only (max 5 days including travel)
  • 2nd Visit & Beyond Billed at $500 Plus Expenses (max 5 days including travel)

Peace of Mind At No Extra Cost

To participate in the The Performance Guarantee Program, you agree to purchase - at competitive prices - all chemicals, parts and service from DMP. That’s it. There are no extra costs associated with the program.