Performance Guarantee

Maintaining compliance is an important and difficult responsibility. At DMP, we understand the impact your wastewater treatment plan has on your business and we want to ensure your new system will not only perform and last for years to come, but will be as worry-free as possible.

The DMP Performance Guarantee Program is a Five-Year program intended to keep your system operating within the prescribed specifications, and that it will meet the regulatory limits outlined in DMP’s quotation. The program can be renewed after the initial five-year term.

100% Accountability

We guarantee the system will perform as specified for the duration of the 5-year, long-term program. If the system fails to meet the DMP specifications outlined in the project, we will correct mistakes up to and including furnishing a completely new system. That’s how confident we are in our ability to engineer a high-quality system the first time around.

Regulations & Operations May Change, But DMP Will Keep You in Compliance

It’s always best to make changes down the road with the original designer. That’s the beauty of the Performance Guarantee—it ensures you get the right parts, chemicals, services, and enhancements from the same company that installed it. No worries —we’ll keep your system running at optimal performance and in compliance. So, what does peace of mind cost?There is no cost to participate in the program!

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The Benefits

  • TechLink Remote Connection Support Included
  • Enhanced Email Response Times Included
  • Enhanced Phone Response Times Included
  • Rapid On-Site & Virtual Support
  • Chemical Inventory Management Included
  • Lab Support Included


  • Automatic 10% Discount on Spare Parts
  • Special Rates for On-Site Service Calls
  • Special Rates for Proprietary Chemicals

Peace of Mind At No Extra Cost

There are two ways to participate: 1) Agree to purchase all spare parts and water treatment chemicals from DMP. 2) Agree to purchase all spare parts and an annual service contract tailored specifically for your needs.*

*Under option 2, the chemistry and dosing regimen needs to be approved by DMP to participate. There are no additional fees to participate in the program. After the initial term, customers are able to renew.